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What Is Fat? Fitness7Chakras®

Our fitness expert Saurav singh says, Fat is a very small word but the person who is thin or thick when they hear this word they get disappointed somewhere. Someone wants to loose fat or someone wants to gain fat. The person who is having extra fat amount in their body somewhere has felt disappointed and  the person who isn’t having extra fat amount in their body also has felt disappointed but what’s your perspective here, please comment!
Ok let’s move to our main topic.

What are Fats?

So, According to In complex language I will say that it is a subgroup of  lipids and are also known as triglycerides and is essential nutrient in our body but somewhere we have heard these things before and now we are here to know.
F7C says Fat is not unwanted substance in our body but it is not that much wanted also. In our body, fat is needed but it doesn’t mean that we should start taking fats in high amount. But sometimes we do a most silly mistake ever we start leaving intake of food or we start taking food in less amount which is totally wrong. Get fat doesn’t mean how much you eat it means which quality of food you eat or how much fatty food you eat? If we guys are going to leave food to do fat loss so it is totally wrong. I must say that if a person wants to loose fat so he or she shouldn’t leave food that person should leave fatty food. Eating that quality of food which is fatty is wrong  we should eat healthy food which has soluble nutrients because fat is insoluble that’s why it starts gather around our belly ,inner thighs, back and on hips also which no one likes everyone just want to be fit which is not difficult but the habit of eating fatty food makes us fat now the main question arise is  how to leave this habit of eating this unhealthy and fatty food which is difficult not impossible and guys we all know that nothing is impossible in this world if we think to not to eat this type of fatty food  so we should take a pledge to ourselves that we have to leave this type of fatty food but again this question arise that-How can we leave this habit of eating unhealthy food?? So, that’s how we are going to leave this habit:
• Start eating more proteins(egg, paneer, pulses)
• Make an habit of eating healthy food .
• Don’t get demotivated just be confident about your decision.
• Start doing some basic exercise (running, walking) to loose your fat.
• Must important tip is that do daily exercise because leaving fatty food only will work but doing exercise with it will work more effectively.
• Try to intake less alcohol if you are alcoholic.
• Don’t take stress.
• Try to remove sugar from your food but not quickly do it slowly .
• Eat soluble fibres
•  Sleep is must to reduce fat so please take 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
• Avoid the intake of oily food.
• Replace the your vegetable oil with coconut oil or olive oil.
• Replace your sugar sweetened beverages from sugar free beverages.
• Eat fruits instead of sugar in your food.
Ok guys if you are going to follow these steps so you are going to loose extra fat or this habit of eating unhealthy food.
Let’s move to the next topic now we have understand that what is fat? and how to
leave the habit of eating unhealthy?

Importance of fat in our body
As per to our fitness expert Saurav singh sayings that Like before I have tell you that fat is not unwanted substance in our body but it is just an insoluble fibre .
But as we know that everything has its advantages and disadvantages so like that fat has also some advantages in our body. Fat helps in providing energy to our body and energy is the main need of our body and without energy we won’t be able to move ourselves which prove that fat is an important part of our body but fat is not only important to provide only energy to our body even it is also important for cell growth , it helps in absorption of many nutrients in our body and sometimes it also protects our bones when we got to accident.
What are the different types of fats ??
After understanding many concepts related to fats next question arise is that what are the different types of fats??
There are four types of fats:-
• Saturated fats
• Unsaturated fats
• Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats
• Trans fats
So, okay readers its a wrap, in our next blog you will get to know more about different types of fats, how they build your body, what different types of fats do in your body.

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