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Personal Fitness Training V/S General Fitness Training

Personal Fitness Training V/S General Fitness Training

We take out a precious hour from our extremely busy lives. We hit the gym. Start off with some stretching, treadmill, move on to cross trainer. Once we feel our body is warm, we progress to the multi gym to lift weights of 3 sets per body part for shaping. Maybe do some abs and obliques and then stretch our body as a cool down! We feel happy! We worked out, we looked good in the mirror, maybe even noticed some changes in the body! However, what we didn’t realise is in the long term- how much we harmed our knees on the treadmill or whether the lifting of weights was even necessary for our body type.

Warm up is essential before a workout, but doing so on the treadmill causes ligament injury and cartilage damage. There are so many natural stretches for the knee such as knee pull ups that will not cause any long term damage.

Similarly, a multi gym has each plate of 5 kgs and we easily lift 2-3 plates doing multiple sets. Does your body type require you to lift 15 kgs weight?
If you were to do free weights of even 2 kgs each- this would be more beneficial for an Indian body type aimed at toning of the body. Light body weights with increased repetitions is much more suitable for women aiming at reducing body mass and fat.
This is the difference between personal training and general training. Every body type is different with different needs. Delhi fitness expert online caters to all of them!

As we know that DIFFERENT BODIES AND DIFFERENT WORKOUTS’ every single body needs different workouts, because we all are somewhere different with different fitness level, with different health, so how can all achieve their certain fitness goals just by doing general fitness training, isn’t it injustice with our body? But no problem we are here to solve this FITNESS 7 CHAKRAS knows that for different bodies we need different workouts so, taking this into account we create specified workouts for every single client because ‘WE CARE’.

In our personal fitness training we do SCREENING first, just to check the body fitness level, body’s health, and previous or ongoing health and fitness issues, In our training SCREENING IS IMPORTANT, because In screening we get to know about the fitness of a particular client’s body, the strenghts and the weaknesses in fitness so that we can make workout plans.

After screening WE CREATE specified workout programme for Our clients, In our workout programme we always take a particular body’s fitness need into account, so that our clients can achieve their certain fitness goal without getting injured or harmed by any exercise in workout.

Personal fitness training is really important because There are different fitness needs of different bodies and to fulfill that we need personal fitness training in which our body’s fitness need is being understood by the trainer, in which we get specified workouts to meet our goals, in which we don’t get damaged or injured by any exercise in workout

Just To maintain fitness general fitness training isn’t bad, and we ain’t consider it as bad, all we want to convey is that We all need a personal fitness trainer to meet our body’s fitness need, and we provide that!

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