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How to do a push-ups

How to do a push-up? delhi best personal fitness trainer team saurabh singh delhi best personal fitness trainer fitness trainer yoga trainer fat loose weight loose

To live a healthy life and promote longevity, it’s important that one should take care of their physical and health well-being. Blame it on our sedentary lifestyle, choice of food that we intake, types of stress related to work, relationships, other external environmental factors, all these effects health in a significant way.

Slowly and gradually, it’s been observed that people now have started paying attention to their health and initiating themselves to get involved in different type of exercises related to both physical fitness and mental health.
We here at best fitness experts in India  are on a mission to educate our clients and, let them aware about every aspect of health and fitness personal trainer Delhi. In this blog post, we are going to share with you an general fitness training overview about ‘Push-ups’, benefits of performing push-ups, different types of push-ups and how they impact your body, the mistakes you should take care of and, some more aspects.


Push-ups are one of the most popular form of physical fitness exercise that is performed to provide physical strength and agility to the human body.

If we look at the historical background of ‘push-ups’, it basically belongs to an exercise form called “Calisthenics”. Calisthenics is a group of body-weight exercises, executed using a variety of physical actions like running, standing etc.

Calisthenics is essentially meant to provide increase body strength, fitness and flexibility levels using physical body movements like bending, jumping, pulling using own body weight as a resistance mechanism.

When performed vigorously using different forms of exercises, calisthenics provide optimum results where muscular and aerobic conditioning are concerned. It also improves psycho-motor skills such as balance, agility, and coordination.

Different types of Push-Ups

Planches, Knuckles, Maltese, Wide-arm, Guillotines, Backhanded, Narrow, Plyometrics, Push-ups using a single arm – these are some of the prominent forms of push-ups you can perform. The main distinguishing factor among these types of push-ups is the set of muscles they ‘focus’, which directly impacts a particular part of the human body.

Normally, while performing push-ups, the focus would be on chest, arm, and shoulders but, when abdominal muscles and the back body get introduced in push-ups, it all together becomes a versatile form of fitness exercise.

We can also classify these push-ups on basis of levels of training efforts one put, like – beginner or advanced.

Let’s explore some of these types!

Standard Push-Up – as the name implies, these are the normal push-ups that one does. While performing these push-ups, the focus would be on chest, shoulders, triceps, abdominal muscles and muscles under armpits.

Wide-arm – In this style, you need to place your hands wide apart from your shoulders. This style of push-up does impact the chest greatly and, require less arm effort.

Narrow Push-up – Chest, and triceps are the focused set of muscles under this style. In narrow push-ups, the hands will be placed quite closed to each other which in turn put more pressure on the triceps. Narrow Push-ups produce great chest muscles and triceps as compared to normal push-ups and wide-arm. These push-ups are sometimes also called ‘diamond push-up’ because, of the posture of hands while performing push-ups, that looks like a shape of a diamond.

Decline Push-Up – In this style, upper-chest and shoulders are the targeted muscles. These push-ups are considered as the toughest, as one has to keep feet off the ground.

Plyometrics – These push-ups are meant for those people who possess some great fitness experience and they are sure about their upper-body strength.

Benefits of Push-ups

Push-ups are actually one of the easiest physical fitness exercise that anyone can perform and the best part is that it doesn’t require any fitness equipment. The only fitness gear you might need are the push-up ‘handles’ to maintain grip, when you are doing a push-up on a flat surface.

Push-ups energize your whole body, not only giving you improved and muscular fit body but, it aids improved body stamina, agility, and good body coordination.

Here are some health benefits that push-ups will provide you if you performed it regularly

Increases and improves the functional strength of your body While performing push-ups, when you lower down your body, push-ups will produce a ‘burning’ sensation in your whole body that will activate each and every single muscle of your body like chest, triceps, abdominal muscles, shoulders and the lower half of your body.

Stretch your muscles Often considered as an undue advantage, the push-ups provides great stretch to the biceps and back muscles. It will dramatically improve your flexibility, protect you from injuries, giving you a charismatic appearance.

Boosting your Cardiovascular System When engaged simultaneously, the heart pumps more oxygen-rich blood to each muscle tissue of your body. This will ultimately improve the overall cardiovascular system, increasing stored body fat reduction.

Preventing Shoulder Injuries The normal push-ups has been considered as the best and effective way to protect ‘rotator cuff’ injuries. A rotator cuff is a thick covering of muscles and tendons that provide support to your arms at the shoulders. It also helps you in lifting up and rotating the arms. A ‘rotator cuff’ happens because of normal wear and tear in daily life.

For example, some profession demands physical activities involving arms to move in a certain way over and over again like a painting job or carpentry. While performing push-ups, the muscles around the rotator cuff area got stabilized providing an effective strength and hence avoiding shoulder injuries.

Improves Body Posture Whether working on the desk for long hours or any other similar activity, improper posture does impact your health in a major way, especially when you start aging. Weak core muscles are one of the common reason for an improper posture. This is where push-ups will serve as a remedial measure. Consistent and routine push ups workout will strengthen and balance the core muscles to great extent.

Cost-Effective We all know most fitness workouts demand high expenses involving the use of certain equipment, workout space, and facilities. But, while performing push-ups, one can effectively achieve a healthy and fit body without paying any money.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Be it any exercise form, performing in a proper way while following given personal trainer Delhi is a key to success. Here in this section, we are going to tell you about some common mistakes that you should avoid while performing push-ups.

While performing push-ups, please do pay proper attention towards your hands and elbows. Both hands and elbow position plays a vital role and needs to be in proper place. Your elbows would turn inwards slightly.
Not sure, whether you doing a complete repetition? Keep a tab on it. Your chest should touch the floor. If it’s not, go for a complete repetition.
It’s often seen, that due to fatigue or tiredness, sometimes the trainee’s upper body comes up before the lower half. It should be avoided definitely. The body should be in a perfect plank position from head to toes in a straight line through the complete rounds of repetition.
Attempting more push-ups repetition against your stamina will worse things more. Take that much that your energy level really allowed.

Additional Tips

In this section, we are going to share some tips that should be taken into account and it’s about the time, that when you should perform push-ups and when you should avoid it.

First and foremost, avoid pursuing push-ups immediately after your meals.
Don’t increase the repetition instantaneously. In the beginning, do few repetitions and then increase it step by step. For e.g., if you are a beginner and, you have planned a set of 10 repetitions. Perform only 5 repetitions initially and then slowly increase it to 10 repetitions.
Do follow the above tip again, even if you have planned to pursue any major body fitness regime. Pursue push-ups as a warm-up exercise before and after major workouts.


The body is like a temple where the soul resides so, it will be our responsibility we should take care of it and nurture it. Both physical and mental fitness are equally important to live a happy and contented life. Take care of your body and soul.

We hope you do like this blog entry and it will serve as some purpose to you. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome and we are looking forward to it.

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